Mobile App GDPR policies for In App Purchases, Ads and Facebook features.

We do not collect or store any personal data or information of any kind about anyone who use the app.  However the app is linked to third party companies listed below who may keep information about you.

The links below will

  • Allow you to see what the third party companies listed below are doing with your data.
  • Allow you to access and download your data the third party companies have.
  • Allow you to delete this data if you wish.



If you make an App Purchases or use Cloud services.

Please refer to the app store you are logged into or the links below for Apple, Google and Amazons GDPR compliance.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Amazon App Store


Logging into Facebook

If you log into Facebook through this app. Please refer to the link below for Facebooks GDPR compliance.

Facebook Information


If you see Ads

Ad providers collect data for ad tracking so only ads for things you are interested in are shown, but this can be turned off in you device privacy settings. If Ads are served through this app they may come from several Ad agencies, please refer to the links below to see the agencies GDPR compliance.


Unity Ads

Chart Boost

Google AdMob